We deal with equipment of every brand and
category, we cater for private users, electrical cooperatives
and electrical transporters and distributors.

  • Rural equipment

    We have a door to door service. We collect the malfunctioning transformer, we examine it in our plant and, if the client agrees, we proceed to repair it and we deliver it back. If the client decides not to have it repaired, we deliver it back free of charge.

  • Distribution

    We can transport this kind of transformers using our own vehicles and qualified professionals. We use material and processes under norms ISO 9001 -2015 and we carry out tests in our certified laboratory.

  • Power

    Our staff are highly qualified experienced professionals who are up to the challenge. Foscari has an agreement with a German energy company innovators in this type of parts key to the supply of the service.

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  • Repairs

    We repair transformers of every kind, every brand and every voltage. The repairs always have a 1-year warranty. Our processes are economical and environmentally friendly  because we recycle parts and material.

  • Preventive maintenance

    For optimal function and a prolonged lifespan of the equipment, maintenance is very important. The transformer should have no leakage, the oil should be changed and other process of verification should be carried out. In association with the company MR awe provide preventive maintenance of on load tap changers.

  • Integral on site service

    Some transformers need to be serviced in the same place where they are installed. Our experts do this job using the best materials.

  • Re engineering of power transformers

    We recalculate and boost transformers using state-of- the-art materials thus optimizing performance.

  • Analysis of insulating oil

    We perform physicochemical analysis of the insulating oil in a laboratory registered in OPDS and we issue certificates signed by certified professionals

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