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Our beginnings

With an Italian tradition, entrepreneurial spirit and quality as the driving force, Foscari was set up in 1996 to meet an increasing need for after sale service of transformers. As a detachment of factory MIRON S.A., the brand-new company aimed at specializing in repair services for the vast number of equipment that for decades had been installed all over Argentina during the process of electrification of the country.

Foscari had its premises in an ample plant in Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires Province. It had a pool of experienced professionals who used proved quality manuals in order to guarantee excellence in the processes and in the standards of the services provided.

Since then, Foscari has kept growing steadily  and has become a leading company and the best equipped in its sector.

The company has been expanding its capacity of providing service for both domestic or imported products in distribution, power and rural.

Foscari’s  2500 m2 plant has state-of- the-art technology and highly qualified professionals, which guarantees the high quality of our repair services, maintenance and manufacturing. The company gives the reassurance of tested efficiency.

All the services have a 1- year written warranty. In addition, and for the convenience of our clients, machines of up to 4.000 kg within 700 km from the plant are collected and delivered free of charge using our own fleet of vehicles.

The implementation of an insurance system of quality norms ISO 9001- 2015 bears witness to the support we offer.

The company

Our misión

Be the leading company in providing services for transformers guaranteeing the highest quality in our work.

Our values

  • Flexibility

    We aim at meeting the particular requirements of our different clients so we maximize our capacity to adapt. We are multi brand, which means we can deal with different kinds of equipment so as to offer innovative solutions.

  • Experience

    Our highly qualified experts have years of experience in the sector. They apply their know-how using both their capacity to solve problems and the latest technological devices.

  • Commitment

    Each job poses an important challenge. We get seriously involved in the work, we ease the contact and offer responsible, fast answers regardless of circumstances. We are committed to the satisfaction of the client.

  • Commitment to the environment

    Repairs, maintenance and re manufacturing involve reusing and recycling components of the transformers recovering materials that would be otherwise scrapped. Thus we contribute to the preservation of resources.

Policy of quality

Foscari SRL is a company that provides services for transformers that thanks to its highly trained workforce and permanent stock delivers solutions and efficient, fast solutions in the sector of transforming and distributing electrical energy.

Our main activities are:

•Commercialization and corrective maintenance of rural, distribution and power transformers up to 40 Mva with electrical voltage up to 132 KV.

•Diagnosis and Technical Assistance Services.

Policy of Foscari SRL

  • Satisfaction of the client

    Ensure complete client satisfaction meeting their requirements in product, service and technical assistance offering high added value.

  • Teamwork

    Fostering teamwork and the commitment to the Quality Management System in all levels of the organization. Improvement of communicational channels.

  • Management system

    Success achieved on the basis of a Quality Management System that deals with risks and opportunities in order to enhance its efficiency.

  • Continuous upgrading

    Encourage continual improvement of the processes and infrastructure making all the necessary investments.

  • Training

    Permanent training of the staff with the aim of improving their personal and professional skills in their own interest.

  • Compliance

    Ensure the compliance of regulatory and legal requirements within the organization and the community.


The test laboratory that functions under IRAM norms is an important added value of the company. Each transformer produced in our plant is fully tested which guarantees its perfect performance over time. Measurements of induced voltage, applied voltage and  leakage tests are carried out. Our clients are welcomed to see the tests and make their own protocol registries.

The measurement equipment is checked  by a laboratory certified by the INTI.


In order to carry out the projects on schedule , the company  has two crane bridges of 30 Tn, an autoclave, a boost oil equipment , a treatment of oil equipment, semiautomatic and manual winders.


Foscari has a fleet of properly identified vehicles to transport, collect and deliver products. Once the diagnosis and the quotation have been carried out, if the client decides not to have the repairs done, the transformer is deliver to the client free of charge.